BASE Dreams 3 | A Douggs Life

BASE Dreams 3 | A Douggs Life – The awesome new dream year video with Chris “Douggs” McDougall: Click Here to follow Douggs!…

BASE Dreams 3 – BASE Jumping, Wingsuit Flying, Speedflying, Snowboarding, Surfing…..Douggs takes you on an adrenaline fuelled journey across 9 countries & 6 different extreme sports! Experience the sketchy moments as well as the joy, fun & craziness of living life to the fullest with Douggs!

Cliff & Antenna BASE jumps in the USA, Proximity Wingsuit flying in Norway & Albania, remote island skydiving in OZ, Building BASE jumps in Kuwait, Surfing in the Maldives with Sketchy Andy, police chase Building BASE jumps in spain, Wingsuit Flying in Italy & finally back home to Switzerland for wake surfing, speedflying and more BASE Jumping!!!! Life cooks so keep smiling and surviving :)

Head up to the bonus videos in the endcard for two jaw-dropping edits featuring a wake-up Skydive at Burning Man and a breath taking speedboat ride in NZ!

Big thanks to Andy Lewis aka Sketchy Andy for the Maldives footages and to everyone been involved in making this year one of the best of my life!

Edit : Thomas Pigeon –
Project Director : Matthieu Corompt

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