2013: 160 off heading opening slider down

After 15 years base jumping and over 2600 jumps I finally had my first major off heading opening. (160 degrees). I always wondered if I could deal with something like this when the time came. The cliff is 100m. I always like to do a good delay in case something like this happens because if I did hit the wall, then at least I wouldn’t hit it for too long before I hit the ground.
This is also the reason why I used toggles instead of rear risers on this occasion. Every situation is different and you must know how to react to every scenario given. If I had have used rear risers on this occasion I would’ve probably not hit the wall but I would’ve stalled out and maybe hit the ground in a stall, causing possibly an even worse injury.
Also notice I did not turn my canopy around completely, I merely turned it enough to miss any objects and to fly to safety. I hope this video helps other people out there and shows new jumpers that this will happen to each and every one of you one day even if it is 15 years down the track as it was for me. Everyone MUST be mentally prepared for this sort of situation from jump 1 onwards.
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