Follow the amazing journey of Douggs as he takes you to the extreme highs and extreme low’s of his extraordinary life as a skydiving and base jumping champion.

APE_2781Douggs has to deal with fear everyday on a huge scale where the very real threat of death looms with each leap of faith.

Douggs will take you on his journey from his 1st skydive all the way through to winning the world base jumping championships whilst sharing with you his darkest times of dealing with
the loss of his mother to cancer and the tragic death of his girlfriend in a skydiving accident.

Douggs’ captivating and motivating lecture will give you the insight to embrace and overcome your fears, think outside the box and inspire you to achieve your dreams.
His personable yet ‘loose’ character makes him easy to relate to with his down to earth style, and whilst combining this with spectacular video footage and imagery, it leaves you wanting to jump out of your chair and go out and achieve all your life’s dreams. He shows you that it is because life is so precious that the reason for living it to the fullest is so

_AAD4095His stories includes:
• 1st skydive
• The road to becoming a champion
• A world record
• The worst tragedy
• Becoming a world champion
• Keeping life moving
• The unknown future

And his messages include:
• Overcome your Fears
• Embrace Change
• Learn from mistakes
APE_2773Don’t judge on appearance
• Have passion
• Keep it simple
• Enjoy the journey
• Achieve your dreams…

You will most certainly come away from this experience with the drive to succeed in all aspects of your life and to embrace and overcome whatever it throws at you.
But most of all, you will walk away wanting to make the most out of every day of the beautiful thing that is…Life!