IMG_2195Are you planning a BASE jumping /skydiving holiday to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland?

Then you will want amazing photos of your BASE jumping & skydiving achievements while you are here I am sure. Myself, Chris “Douggs” McDougall & Barry Holubeck, two of the most experienced BASE jumpers on the planet can make your dreams come to life with both exit point & aerial Photos and Videos, whilst giving you world class coaching at the same time.

Click here to view their impressive Resume’s: Douggs CV / Barry CV

We offer per jump and full day Photography & Coaching from beginner to advanced in all aspects of skydiving and BASE jumping in & around the valley.

With 4200+ Base jumps & 21,000 skydives combined (uninjured), you will not have a better opportunity to hone your skills and get, once in a lifetime photos from some of the most famous exit points in the world.

What you need to qualify:

• At least 30 Base jumps
• Rega insurance
• A landing card (see for details)
• At least one set of BASE gear
• Helmet and knee pads are recommended
• Good hiking boots
• Water / Food
• Valid Train Pass

Note: We are not Mountain Guides. We cannot legally take anyone to an exit point; Therefore you must be able to make your own way, unassisted to all exit points in and around the Valley. We are here to take video and Stills only.

Photography & Coaching rates (all prices are in Swiss Francs)

Wingsuit & Tracking coaching (per person): Skydiving:IMG_1022

  • $75 Per jump + Slot or
  • $300 Per day + Slot
    (Includes go pro de brief each jump)

Wingsuit & Tracking coaching (per person): BASE Jumping

  • $75 Per jump or
  • $400 Per day 4-5 jumps
    (Includes go pro de brief each jump)

Wingsuit & Tracking coaching / Video & Stills Package (per person): Skydiving:

  • $100 Per jump + Slot or
  • $400 Per day + Slot

Wingsuit, Tracking & Aerobatics coaching / Video & Stills Package (per person): BASE jumping:

  • $100 Per jump or
  • $400 Per day 4-5 jumps

Wingsuit, Tracking & Aerobatics Video & Stills Package (exit only): BASE jumping:

  • $400 per day 1-4 people (4-5 jumps)
  • $25 extra for aerial video/stills (per jump)

5 STAR deluxe Wingsuit, Tracking & Aerobatics coaching / Video & Stills Package (per person): BASE jumping including Coaching, Exit point photos & Aerial video / stills:

  • $600 per day 4-5 jumps

Note: These prices are for Lauterbrunnen & The Eiger Mushroom only.
Other Jump sites are available upon request.

Note: Please DO NOT book more than 2 weeks in advance

Note: All jumpers must sign a written waiver, which will also be repeated in a video waiver., Chris “Douggs” McDougall & Barry Holubeck hold no responsibility for your personal safety. From the time of leaving the Valley Floor to arriving back on the valley floor, you the jumper hold sole responsibility to your own safety.

Note: All video footage & Photos are to be used for “Personal use” only. For all types of media usage, you MUST contact reserves the right to use of all video footage and photos.


Douggs’s course has to be the most comprehensive out there. Over the 10 days
we were in Twin Falls there wasn’t a day I didn’t learn something new.
Douggs pushed us to learn and jump our butts off,  but let us do this within
our own comfort level. Whether we were on the exit point, packing, or
sinking pints, Douggs kept us entertained with a fun vibe throughout the
whole experience. Having the opportunity to spend 10 days with this legend
and have him impart his knowledge and experiences onto us, is really a
priceless opportunity. If you’re ever contemplating getting into this sport,
Douggs’s course has to be your primary option. I managed to get 35 jumps in
over 10 days and learned the ins and outs of packing, malfunctions, and many
different types of exits like Tard’s, Rollovers, and PCA’s. Leaving Twin, I
feel like Dougg’s has instilled in me, a solid background of experiences and
knowledge to help me make the right decisions with any future base
adventures. The best thing I left the course with was a new friend and a
mentor. I now know that if I have any questions in the future Dougg’s will
be more than willing to share some more of his time and knowledge to help me
along this adventure we call life!
Ants Colling