BASE course

DCIM100GOPRODouggs has been BASE jumping for over 15 years with 2700+ base jumps and no broken bones.  During this time he has taught over 200 people to successfully base jump. His FJC is the most comprehensive base jumping tuition anywhere in the world to date and unlike any other courses, you will receive a comprehensive video / photo package detailing your progression throughout; An amazing memory that you can take with you.

Douggs is only running high-end courses with very limited slots available. The reason: To ensure that everyone he teaches learns and maintains both the knowledge and skill at the highest level of the sport and learns that base jumping is about passion, friendships and continuously turning your dreams into reality!

What you will get in his course:

  • 8-10 DAY course
  • 20-40 base jumps
  • Packing video / course
  • World class instruction (see Bio)
  • Detailed knowledge of all aspects of BASE
  • Video / photo package of your progression
  • Hotel / hire car/Douggs expenses included in price
  • Douggs will do all the jumps with you!

Jump progression may / will include:

  • PCA jumps to start with
  • PCA jumps of each other
  • Hand held jumps from ramp / rail
  • Stowed jumps from ramp / rail / hand rail
  • Side floaters
  • Full floaters
  • Static line jump
  • Night jump
  • Slider up jump
  • Steel jump
  • Multi way jumps
  • Unpacked jumps
  • Dark side jump

DCIM101GOPROWhat you must have to be eligible:

  • Base jumping insurance
  • Proof of a minimum of 300 skydives or his digression
  • Current skydiving license
  • Logbook
  • 2 safe base rigs from modern times
  • 4 packing clamps, 1 packing stake and pull up chord
  • Helmet
  • Knees pads
  • Hiking boots
  • Warm clothes
  • Hard drive
  • MUST be fit and able to hike.
  • MUST be able to endure long days
  • MUST be mentally fit
  • Must have read the great book of base 2 times
  • Must be proficient in packing with Douggs’ packing video before the course starts.
  • Must secure your slot with a $500 CHF deposit.
  • Final payment must be paid before the course begins

(Everything is subject to weather. No refunds will be given for bad weather)


  • 2300 CHF per person for a group of 4 people.
  • Private courses are available upon request

IMG_6001Too expensive you ask?

  • Most courses are approximately $1000- $1500 for a 2-4 day course in which you will be bombarded with too much information and only 5-10 jumps maximum.
  • Other courses may not provide you with video & photos of your entire progression.
  • Other courses do not cover all of the jumping aspects that Douggs will cover.
  • Unfortunately Douggs needs to fly in from Switzerland.
  • Hotel and hire car is covered in the price.
  • Some instructors will teach you but not jump. Douggs will be on 99% of your jumps guaranteed .


The great thing about Douggs is that he is really respectful and understanding on the progression and needs of each of his students.

It’s amazing to see how much time he is willing to invest in every question you ask. Doing this with his already busy schedule and other students was inspiring to me, to say the least. He is pro safety and I felt really safe with him all the time (even when he told me to duck tape my pilot chute to a bridge). The guy is hilariously funny but he wont goof around when it’s time to jump.

The course itself is great and it covered way more than what I would have hoped for. And fore the price he ask’s I’m pretty sure it’s the best deal in town.

Cheers Douggs !!! Legendary stuff !!!

–Dave Van Der Zee, Holland


This course was a memory for me that I wont forget forever. You made this memory that will not be forgotten. The crew was awesome and the way you taught us was very simple and straight forward. You made us realize that base jumping, the sport that freaks out most of the people on this earth, that there is a way to do it safely but also understanding that you have to except the fact that you will see other people injured or even dying.
Your course not just taught me how to base jump safely, it taught me how to control the fear and be commitment to what you are about to do, not 99% but 1000%. There is more in BASE than jumping, the friendly people, the hanging out after the day and meeting the most awesome people in the planet, They are so down to earth.

The way you taught us was very to the point, it’s either right or wrong but if it’s wrong fix it to right, that chute is your life and you want us alive. That’s the most important thing.

You are the awesome instructor, funny, friendly, down to earth and you are a friend that cares about your people and the instructor that wants to give you information. I have seen you a lot going to people outside the course trying to fix what they did wrong, socialized with every guy, old friends, new friends, a fan or other people watching us there.

Thankyou for making us go back home without injury and alive. Rock it on!

“With Douggs course you become a future Douggs”

–Mohammad Al Refaei, Kuwait


I was fortunate enough to recently be part of a small group to be taught how to BASE jump by Chris “Douggs” McDougall. Our group of 6 jumpers in total met at Twin Falls Idaho May 2013. After gear inspections, packing and theory we went to the Perrine bridge.

I managed to do 40 BASE jumps over the next 10 days. Everyday was a see-saw of emotion between trepidation and exhilaration. Douggs would introduce one new element at a time on every single jump to keep us on a sharp, “safeish” learning curve. This culminated in a course finale 6-way. Douggs made sure we had everything we needed and was with us on every jump filming from all angles.

The professional approach Douggs had to everything we did, including partying later, was priceless! I think he really does have the most fun out of any human being on the planet. Thanks Chris “Douggs” McDougall for opening my eyes to the world of BASE!

Nek Minnit…


–Leon Hunt, New Zealand


Douggs’s course has to be the most comprehensive out there. Over the 10 days we were in Twin Falls there wasn’t a day I didn’t learn something new. Douggs pushed us to learn and jump our butts off,  but let us do this within our own comfort level. Whether we were on the exit point, packing, or sinking pints, Douggs kept us entertained with a fun vibe throughout the whole experience. Having the opportunity to spend 10 days with this legend and have him impart his knowledge and experiences onto us, is really a priceless opportunity. If you’re ever contemplating getting into this sport, Douggs’s course has to be your primary option. I managed to get 35 jumps in over 10 days and learned the ins and outs of packing, malfunctions, and many different types of exits like Tard’s, Rollovers, and PCA’s. Leaving Twin, I feel like Dougg’s has instilled in me, a solid background of experiences and knowledge to help me make the right decisions with any future base adventures. The best thing I left the course with was a new friend and a mentor. I now know that if I have any questions in the future Dougg’s will be more than willing to share some more of his time and knowledge to help me along this adventure we call life!


Ants Colling, New Zealand (Pro Wakeboarder)